Wow! I found out I can’t go and won’t go a day without my Sea Moss. This stuff is just incredible. Since starting on my journey to healthy living I added Sea Moss to my daily dietary intake and the healing benefits are ABUNDANT!!!! Sea moss has totally eliminated my digestive ailments and it boost my metabolism. Sea moss eliminated severe constipation as a result of previous yo-yo dieting. It reduced arthritic inflammation that once plagued my knees and back. Sea moss strengthen my hair, nails and improved the condition of my skin (no more dark circles under my eyes)!!!!! My skin looks and feel so smooth. (I don’t know if its just me but I’ve noticed a reduction in cellulite as well).

Before being introduced to Sea Moss, I would crash after my personal training sessions!!!! Now after each training session, I have so much energy and I contribute this incredible product to my success in losing weight, toning, and increased muscle strength. I am no longer fatigue and depressed and I feel great!! I truly hate running out of this product. If I don’t take my Sea Moss, there’s a significant difference in my energy level and recovery time after a workout.

Benefits I’ve experienced taking Sea Moss:

• Increased energy

• Increased muscle strength and endurance

• Soothing digestive tract

• Reduction of inflammation

• Serves as a mild laxative

• Weight loss

• Body toning

• Reduction of cellulite

• Improved hair, skin, and nails

Get yours today!!! This stuff is no joke! IT WORKS! Oh yeah, to all my natural sisters: adding a dime size amount to your daily moisturizing routine help lock in your natural curl pattern….IJS! Hey Tay, I need 2 more bottles. Can I get them this weekend?"

Sarah W.


As a personal trainer and nutritionist I was very intrigued when I first saw Magic Moss. After doing my research I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! This help flush me when I'm ready to lean out for my six-pack of abs, helps with my energy, detoxification, and my wife and I had a HUGE boost in sexual functions! I now recommend to all of my clients!" 

-Rich H-


"Estrogen dominance is no longer dominating my body nor my life! Magic Moss has changed the game for me and made me a WINNER!

I consume a tablespoon of Magic Moss in the morning with a hot herbal tea. Starting my day with Magic Moss has allowed me to eliminate breakfast. I have a big midday meal and I end my eating around 7 pm with a tablespoon of Magic Moss and fruit.

I have lost weight but more importantly I have changed my menstrual cycle from 7 days to barely 4 and my former HEAVY day has been cut! Also, the chin hairs have drastically reduced and thus the blemishes from tweezing!

Magic Moss satisfies so much of my nutritional needs which allows me to focus on eating to fuel my body instead of trying to stave off hunger by eating to feel full.

I'm really grateful! I now have the mental clarity to focus on living a beautiful and prosperous life!



Hello!! I just want to share with you my experience as it relates to the Magic Moss. This is my 3-4 month taking it and I've seen a difference in energy levels for starters. Along with cutting down on my caffeine intake, I've noticed my craving for it outside of coffee.

Another apparent change is my skin. It appears to be more moist, supple, alive-like just MO BETTA!! Before Magic Moss I was also taking a vegan multivitamin to insure I was "getting what I needed". Since becoming more educated (I'm constantly researching and learning) I've been more conscious of "balancing" my food intake and I feel amazing.


-Kesha C-



I LOVE SEA MOSS! Magic Moss Sea moss is a life changing essential sea vegetable. It curves my appetite, i have more energy, keeps my face free from break outs, increases my sexual drive & juices(if you know what I mean) My hair and nail growth has doubled! Im on my 4th bottle and I am truly AMAZED at the results. I recommend Magic Moss to anyone, I am a customer for life!!! Thanks SOL Solutions keep up the Fantastic work!!!!!





Since taking Magic Moss I've noticed a tremendous increase in my sexual ability!!! As a man this is very important. I also have noticed that my hair grows back thicker and my hairline is growing back in. I understand these things are happening because of the minerals that my body is receiving from the Magic Moss. Honestly, this is my new daily Supplement!

-Brad K-